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Neil Fishman of the National Conference of CPA Practitioners dissects the current state of the filing season, what to expect in the run-up to April 15 -- and what's coming after that.
March 9
Tax season is the time of year when every other tax professional is focusing on completing returns for their clients, leaving the marketing field open and ready for you to dominate.
February 13
Each year, corporations and pass-throughs across industries fail to claim R&D tax credits because they aren’t aware that many day-to-day activities qualify for this dollar-for-dollar reduction in income tax liability.
February 12
AI startups suck in capital, time to get off Windows 7, and eight other technology developments that will impact your clients and your firm.
February 12
Grant Thornton compares the contenders’ proposals in four categories.
February 4
Grant Thornton compares the contenders’ proposals in five categories.
February 4
Far fewer are concerned about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, unlike last year.
January 14
The TCJA and Wayfair continue to dominate the landscape.
December 27
To help individuals and businesses prepare for filing season, Grant Thornton has released a collection of year-end tax tips.
December 17
Updates include new forms, e-file capabilities, and behind-the-scenes software upgrades.
December 13
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