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President Donald Trump speaks during a tax bill passage event with Republican congressional members of the House and Senate. Zach Gibson/Bloomberg
Legislative and regulatory challenges often hit small businesses the hardest, as they have fewer resources in terms of staff, money, time and management attention to handle them.

With their needs in mind, Paychex Inc. put together this handy list of the current regs that will affect business owners the most in the coming year, and the anticipated changes they – and their advisors – should keep an eye on.

“With so many regulatory changes and legislative reforms either proposed or slated to take effect in the coming months, it can be challenging for busy small-business owners to keep up with where things stand,” said Martin Mucci, president and CEO of the payroll, HR, insurance and benefits solutions provider. “Our summary of the year’s most important regulatory developments is designed to help small business owners understand how new regulations will affect their businesses in 2018.”