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Deloitte offers new tax data visualization solution

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Deloitte has partnered with visual analytics company Tableau to provide a data analytics and visualization offering for tax departments. Called Taxalytics, the product combines tax technical knowledge, analytics strategy, visualization, top-flight analytics tools, data management, integration and services in one solution.

Taxalytics is aimed at supporting the tax function as a strategic advisory tool for the broader enterprise. It is designed to serve as a link between an organization's tax, finance and IT departments by integrating financial data, ERP systems and visual analytics technology in analytics dashboards.

Deloitte worked closely with Tableau throughout the development process, and reports that it passed a series of benchmarking tests designed to ensure data source extract compatibility between Taxalytics and Tableau.

"We are filling a whitespace for our clients in the IT ecosystem of enterprise analytics," said Nathan Andrews, partner at Deloitte Tax LLP and global practice leader for Deloitte's Tax Management Consulting practice, in a statement. "The time is now for tax departments to leverage and analyze their data, inside and outside of the tax department and the enterprise, in an efficient and complete way. Through our collaboration with Tableau and ERP leaders, we are bringing a tax lens to the areas of big data and analytics."

"The effective use of data – in every department – is critical to an organization's success," added Dan Miller, executive vice president of worldwide sales, services and support for Tableau. "The Deloitte Taxalytics solution powered by Tableau is a great example of how embedded analytics can help deliver flexible visual analytics to customers quickly and easily. We're thrilled to be to working alongside Deloitte to provide powerful solutions that will help customers gain a competitive advantage with data."

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