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Moving forward
2016 and 2017 concept
Donald Trump touting his tax plan on the campaign trail
First – what’s not changing
Donald Trump, 2016 Republican presidential nominee, waves to the audience during an event to discuss his economic plans at the Detroit Economic Club in Detroit, Michigan, U.S., on Monday, Aug. 8, 2016. Trump is promising the biggest overhaul to the personal income-tax code since Ronald Reagan, as well as a deep cut in the corporate tax rate. He's also pledging to end excessive regulation and lift restrictions on the nation's energy producers. Photographer: Sean Proctor/Bloomberg
Deferring income
Image of disgusted male employee moving dollar bills away and refusing to take bribe
Keep an eye on AGI
Hand put coin to money ,Business idea
New permanent incentives for individuals
New permanent incentives for businesses
Portrait of happy business woman in office rejoicing success
Max out retirement accounts
Three glass jars filled with American coins to different levels against a white background
Tax-loss harvesting
Depressed businessman leaning head below bad stock market chart in office
Be careful with mutual funds
Stressed young couple checking bills, taxes and bank account balance, they are panicking, debt and cost of living concept